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“Baby what you doin’ tonight?”

July 12, 2007

We finally bought a nice toy to go with my baby’s nice harness. The harness was a christmas present from me to (myself) her. But these things cost money, so we hadn’t yet gotten anything to replace/add to our first crappy rubber cock. Leo showed up in the mail earlier this week.

It’s pretty…and, um, large. It’s just barely realistic, and i think it looks very nice. It’s also silver glittery (i can’t believe Jake let me get that) which makes me think of a different description at Babeland, “If you’re looking for a little cock worship, but, like, in a pretty, sparkly way… ” Which, okay, sounds good to me.

We have someone staying with us, so we only got to play with it a little bit the evening we got it. I simply am not quiet enough for that. Our guest has to be at work early, though. I was a bit late to work the next morning. All i have to say about that (because i am a bit shy and not a writer) is…oh my…and if you don’t have a silicon toy, get one.

Lady Brett
“Kiss Me” – Melissa Etheridge

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