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“Rock me mamma like a wagon wheel”

June 21, 2007

Tuesday night ended up okay.  We talked over more or less what i was bitching about on here.  My god, we talked about a problem, and came to some conclutions!  And maybe it’ll help.  It’s hard to tell so soon (but she did get home earlier last night).

She got home about 20 minutes till 8 tuesday, and whisked me off to the fabric store (yeah, we were those customers, eck…but i did only spend about 1 minute there).  So!  My dress is done, finished, all sewed up.  I finished it last night, between the movie and bedtime (and after we polished off a bottle of wine).  It could, of course, be better, but i’m pleased.

Oh, but i was so angry at my sewing machine last night.  I had about 6 inches of bias tape left to hem the skirt and the machine kept getting caught up and tangled, and i’d have to go undo the stitches.  It took me for-fuckin-ever to finish it.  The thread kept jumping off the spool and, i think, messing up the tension, but i’m not certain that was the problem.  I need to give that machine a tune-up anyhow.  I inherited it from my Granny about 5 years back, and it’s a 60s-ish Singer with a table.  It is the coolest, most beautiful sewing machine, but i know the tension knob is wonky, and i am sure a general going-over would not hurt.  The questions are: can i find out how to fix it up myself, and how much will it cost to have someone else do it?

Also, for the record, veggie gumbo is pretty good – not quite as good as the seafood gumbo.  It is the best use of tofu i’ve ever made.  More okra is certainly in order, and more tomato sauce (we were out), and i bet it could be perfect with no more than one little can of chopped clams.

Lady Brett
“Wagon Wheel”

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