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“Sittin’ in my boxers eating cracker jacks”

June 17, 2007

Yep. My baby went to her folks for the day (don’t let me forget to call my dad), so i’m just hanging out at home in her t-shirt and boxers. I was going to just eat leftovers, but apparently we ate them last night when we got home…i had forgotten.

Last night was a ton of fun. We saw “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” with out-of-town friends. It was really well done. The girl who played Puck was fucking awesome. I’m biased, of course;i’ve had a crush on Puck since i was like 8. But almost all of the acting was quite good. We found another set of friends and got dinner, followed by Bowling! That is, bowling with 13 people (11dykes), most of whom i’d never met before. Well, one of them recognized me from that time the drag kings turned me into a boy on stage, but we hadn’t met before. It was damn cool. I broke 50. Jake did not get twice my score…just very close. And our one friend who had been so loathe to go because she’s really bad at it totally beat her girlfriend at it.

After bowling we went to the dyke bar/club with all of the people we didn’t know (our friends had to go home/isn’t quite old enough to get in). There were a ton more people there than usual, which was a lot of fun. Of course i saw people i know. And all the chicks we met were cool. I think Jake traded numbers with some of them (which is to say that one person from each couple traded contact info…because that’s how it works).

Oh, and we went to the fabric store yesterday. I got this cute fabric with cherries on it to trim my dress. That was the original point of this. I’m sitting at home in my girl’s boxers and tee and i’m gonna finish my sewing project (i hope).

cherry dress               cherry detail
The dress.  Terrible photo.  I’ve no idea where the cute one of it actually being worn got off to…maybe tomorrow.  A bit of detail on the cherry applique.  It’s not finished yet due to amazing tedium, but it is very close…not that i mind tedium – indeed i’m kind of fond of it, but you have to be in the right zone for it and it is time consuming.

Maybe i’ll make gumbo as well.  It’s finally okra time, if only barely.  The plan is to see if you can make veggie gumbo that still tastes killer.  Not exactly vegetarian, because i predict it to be impossible without clam juice, but with no seafood in it.  The vast majority of seafood is terribly unsustainably produced.  And it’s expensive.

Lady Brett
“Welcome toMy World” – Nerf Herder

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