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“Your mamma’s rich, and your daddy’s good lookin'”

June 13, 2007

Well, the lovely part of summer is over, dead, and the weather won’t stop being shitty for at least three months.  I think – and this may be a sign of desperation akin to “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity” that this weather inflicts on us – that i wouldn’t mind the heat as much if it weren’t for the sun (yes, that’s right, the heat and sun have nothing to do with one another, i’m sure).  I do hate the heat; it makes me sweaty and tired and dehydrated and lethargic.  But more than that i hate the direct sun.  I don’t tan, i crisp in the sun.  I don’t even want to tan, though i’ll take it over burning the hell out of myself, i’d just as well be as white as i am.  Yesterday, me and Dog walked to the laundromat in the afternoon.  I wore my sunglasses, of course – i basically can’t see outdoors in the summer without them.  Even so, i had a headache from the light in about 5 minutes.  I still have it, only when i move around too much.  But really, i don’t want to deal with this crap all summer long.

Nonetheless, i finally figured out a really good (i.e. simple) way to make the dress i want, and i got the pieces measured, cut out and kind of pinned together.  Sewing tonight, perhaps.  Though i need to decide on/find some trim i like.

Lady Brett
“Summertime” – as my father used to sing it to me at bedtime, not as it is written – from Porgy and Bess

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