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“Pour me another shot of whiskey, this one’s for the south”

June 8, 2007

Edit: I don’t think i like this post, but there is something to it.  I haven’t the time or inclination to re-read and edit it now, so i’m just leaving the intro, which i do like, and hiding the rest away to be dealt with at a later time.

This is my love letter to the South.  It may not sound quite like a love letter, but i have learned things about love recently.  Enumerating someone’s lovely traits is not really a love letter.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a brilliant way to give a girl butterflies.  By all means, continue with those; but they are letters of attraction, flirtation, lust.  Love is, perhaps, nearly the opposite.  No, i’m not really talking about the south anymore – bear with me.  Of course i’m talking about us.  We have become more honest.  And Jake said, “I don’t know why you like me.”  “Neither do i,” i kissed her.  That was my revelation.  I could tell you why i should have left her by now, and what it is i don’t like and what i don’t understand.  I could, of course, tell you why she is amazing.  The list might be shorter.  That, anyhow, is not the point; i am in love, and there is simply no explaining it.  Or i don’t care to.

Lady Brett
“Not Everybody Likes Us” – Hank III

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