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“The boy in the bellfrey he’s crazy”

June 4, 2007

I ought to be taking the dog for a walk. Or doing laundy, or dishes, cooking dinner, cleaning up, putting out the recycles. But i rarely survive a day at work anymore with the innitiative to do much of anything (and i’m always so fuckin hungry by then i get grumpy and tired anyway). The worst part is that doing nothing is what makes me so tired. Back when i was so busy it was stress, which is not my cup of tea, but i’d take it any day over being stuck at a desk without anything to do. Only 8 or 9 more months…and i need to get a fucking blue-collar job.

I called Jake to see when she’ll be home (late, which i knew, but for a different reason than i thought) and what she’s up to, but it was one of those phone calls where it is immediately clear that she doesn’t want to talk to me. Which is okay, but i kind of wish she just wouldn’t answer…it happens a lot, and it just makes me sad. I also locked the cat in the bedroom this morning, in an effort to lock him out of the bedroom. On the bright side he’s not the spitefull bastard he used to be, so i think he just slept happily on my pillow all day (instead of shitting in our closet).

It’s time for a drink (and we’re out of milk, so i guess it’s a whiskey and coke), and maybe then i’ll drag my ass to do something useful so my girl will be pleased when she gets home.

Lady Brett
“Liverpool” – Suzanne Vega

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