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“I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour”

May 29, 2007

My five-day weekend is over, and here i am, back at work (and a bit busier than usual).  Admittedly, two days of that i did feel like total shit when i was awake – though friday was much better than Thursday.  Me and Dog made it out of the house a bit that day, punctuated by naps.

Saturday morning i was going to drop Jake off to get some work done and go run some errands.  But i got slapped with the oh-no-you’re-NOT-well-yet crippling sleepiness, and took a nap in her office while she did her thing instead.

There was a(nother) wedding Saturday as well.  It was of friends of hers who i basically don’t know, so i almost wasn’t going to go, but i did.  Normally a party with a hundred people who i don’t know is not my thing (as made clear by a few other wedding receptions i’ve been to with her), but i had a fuckin’ blast.  The wedding itself was, well, kind of boring, but it was clear that the bride and groom got to do it the way they wanted, not just how their moms made them.  By which i mean all the groomsmen wore Chucks with their tuxes, and the music was from Requiem for a Dream and NIN. 

That aside, i blame the hippies for having a damn good time at the reception (though i think a copious amount of champagne helped).  The couple’s neighbor has an old school bus that is painted blue, with things like “If you can see my bus you’re in my blind spot” written on it, which he drove to the reception (the bus moving is a special occasion, i hear).  He, his girlfriend, and his roommate are the hippies i refer to, who i spent most of my time hanging out with.  Among other things, he is a dancer, and i got to lindy for the first time since i moved.  There were also random instruments brought out at various times by random guests, and at least one rather unsuccessful effort by a crowd of drunk people to sing irish pub songs.  We ran into the other lesbian at the wedding, of course.  She was cool, probably 10 years older, she was a high school math teacher, which i think is pretty cool (…and she had a flask of bourbon, which was pretty rockin’ since the bar was mysteriously wiskey-free).  Jake, apparently, was told by her, when we were leaving, to take care of me.  Blush.

I don’t think this really conveys what a good time i had.  It’s been ages since i’ve just enjoyed myself, and i couldn’t have expected to less – it was, after all, a wedding, and a large group, and i knew a grand three people there at the start (Jake, who i’m dating; the groom, who i had met once or twice; and a girl i went to high school with, and to college with her brother, who i completely failed to recognize or remember).

The rest of the holiday weekend contained two picnics, a trip to the Zoo, and a movie in bed.  I haven’t been to a zoo in…10 years?  It was a shame to have to get up for work this morning.

Lady Brett
“Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” – The Smiths

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