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“Look at all the poor bastards, gotta go to work while i sleep”

May 25, 2007

I’ve been asleep almost 26 of the last 36 hours – with the assistance of some nyquil. And i feel quite a bit better for it. I felt less than good when i got home from work wednesday (i figured it was just because i’d spent a whole day editing spreadsheets, eck), and quickly deteriorated. I think this is the first time i’ve had a fever since that one time i got the flu in elementary school.

Now i’ve another reason to be relieved me and Jake are still together: she takes such care of me. She made me soup (and made me eat it). We ventured out and got potting soil before i was totally laid out, and then she planted my new basils (there is a nice story to them) for me so they wouldn’t die. When i woke up yesterday (after 12 hours of sleeping without so much as blinking) she had set a tray of food and drinks on the bed by me. And she came in to check on me; oh my, she looked so good yesterday in her grey slacks and a beater and that baseball cap she has. She took my temperature and made me take more nyquil…so i slept on and off most of the day too. In short, she’s my hero, and i’d probably still be sick if i were taking care of myself.

We had a good conversation over cheap chinese last night, stemming, apparently, from conversation she had with her advisor, who, having met me once, has concluded that i like Jake despite herself. I think that’s fairly accurate. We also discussed our respective maturity and responsibility and self-discipline.

And someone wandered into our apartment on accident Wednesday night. I mean, she noticed pretty quickly it wasn’t the right one. I’m just glad we were dressed…and not fucking on the couch.  (Also, Dog is a fucking failure of a guard dog; he was like “Oh, hi!  You came to visit me!”)

Lady Brett
“Everytime” – Sarah Harmer

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