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“I saved your picture in my sport coat pocket”

May 22, 2007

I got a new sex toy today – one that i can leave out, even. 
camera  That’s not the first thing i thought of, i swear.  There are some really cute pet photos on there too.

It just showed up on my doorstep yesterday, i suppose it’s a birthday present from my dad.  Pretty cool – as long as i can’t have a darkroom, a digital camera’s cool by me – and now i can have photos of me that are less than 4 years old.

Lady Brett
“Jennifer Johnson and Me” – Robert Earl Keen (written by Shel Silverstein)

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  1. May 22, 2007 7:51 pm

    An excellent birthday present indeed! You’re already putting it to good use too, pets and sex, what could be more important? ;)

  2. May 22, 2007 11:13 pm

    Hey, I posted comments on a lot of these entries… what happened?

  3. June 6, 2007 3:48 pm

    oh. crap – i’m still getting the hang of this wordpress thing. Your comments all got marked as spam, and i didn’t think to check the spam filter until just now. sorry :/

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