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“How in every visible way you shine”

May 14, 2007

I had a lovely weekend.  My folks came in town friday night.  They got in around 11 (about 8 hours past Dad’s bed time), and we were at our local bar when they called, so i said we’d head home and meet them in about 10 minutes, unless they wanted to come see the best blues band in town.  And they actually did.  They danced, had fun, and it really is the best band around.  I asked the Big Man (the singer) if he knew “Grits Ain’t Groceries” by Little Milton, and he was like ooh, that is a really good song, we should learn it.  I am hopeful that someday i’ll get to see them play that.  And Mom complimented my skirt without even knowing i had made it (noteworthy because she is a mother, so knowledge that it was my doing pretty well negates compliments on craftsmanship).

They brought my sewing table up with them!  I inherited it from my grandmother, as (i think) the only of the next three generations who still sewed when she passed away 5 years ago.  If i had to guess, it’s something like a 60’s sewing machine in a beautiful dark-stained table.  The bobbin-winder doesn’t work, but otherwise it’s lovely.

We went to the farmer’s market, and got yummy happy fresh veggies.  We got to give the terrible dog-sitting dog back to it’s mother (finally).  Got some advice from Dad on the garden; Mom dead-headed our roses (which are not part of ourgarden, but were put in by our landlord, and not taken care of).  And my dad brought his digital camera, so whenever he gets around to sending them i’ll have pretty shiny photos of my garden!  (and my sweetie, and the boys – dog-boy and cat-boy, that is).

It was a good visit.  Jake and my folks get on really well, which is really lovely.  I pointed out to her at some point that our butch-femme test doesn’t work on them.  Our butch-femme test is an observation she made once that when we are hanging out with another couple, at some point we split into pairs (because a 4-way conversation has it’s limits), and whoever she ends up talking to is the butch one, and whoever i talk to is the femme one.  It’s been fairly accurate, if silly, so far.  But, anyhow, she and my mom can talk about literature ’till 4am (and have), and i am pretty much my father (with hair on my head instead of my face), so it skewed things a bit.

I gave my dad my copy of Don’t Think of an Elephant which i bought a week ago (for 50 cents).  I was going to let Jake read it, but i likely won’t see my dad for another 6 months, so i told her i’d get her a copy at the library.  Anyhow, even if he gives it back sometime, it’ll be all folded up and dirty…he’s a bit rough on things.

Sunday was lovely.  My folks left early, and i had a bunch of projects to work on while Jake went and did Mother’s Day things.  I started making a CD rack out of wire clothes hangers (which i despise for hanging clothes).  I’m going to need a few sturdier parts before i can finish that, and i bruised the hell out of my palms trying to bend that shit.  I transplanted the rosemary per Dad’s advice (that we were taking care of it, which kills them) from it’s pot of lush soil into the shitty stoney garden bed much more like it’s native lands.  Vacuumed the rug (ick), and worked on my sewing table.  The varnish on top was all fucked up from a year in a dorm and two stored in a barn, so i sanded it down and re-varnished it.  I need to sand it smooth now that it’s dry, and maybe put on a second coat, but it already looks nicer than the original even before it was ruined.  24 hours later and my dumb ass still has varnish stuck on my fingernails – i’ll wear gloves next time.

And when she got home in the evening, having had apparently a lovely day with her family, she came in and said hello and took me to bed.  I love when it happens that way.  (And the details were good too.)

Lady Brett
“Aluminum” – Barenaked Ladies

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