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“Promise no love is like our love”

May 10, 2007

A few days ago we’re sitting at the coffee shop when Jake gets a call from a friend.  She steps out, there is a long phone call.  Turns out the friend’s girlfriend is cheating on her, and she is, understandably, not taking it very well.  Jake returns to relay the drama to me – which is, like most drama, actually kind of funny because it’s just strange if you detach yourself.  She’s going to go see her friend the next day to be comforting, but she’s really worried about what the hell to say in a situation like this.

I tried to be a little help.  Mostly i was quiet because all i keep thinking is “serves you fucking right” and “you think it’s hard being the friend in that situation?”  I thought i was over all that shit.  It’s been more than two years, and i don’t get scared every time one of us goes out of town anymore.  But sometimes the little white scars rise back up, i guess.

Lady Brett
“Where Does the Good Go” – Tegan and Sara

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