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“Were you drunk or were you blind”

May 7, 2007

I have an urge to buy presents for people.  I probably ought to spend my money on going to the dentist instead, but it scares me to think about how much that will cost at this point.

I am definitely going to get my mom a gift subscription to the Oxford American for mother’s day (and because i didn’t get her a birthday present).  I want to get an OA subscription for another friend too (and perhaps for myself, because i buy the $10 music issue every year now, and all four issues are only $15).  And i started another mix cd for Athena around christmas and haven’t actually finished it yet.  Also, Threadless just printed this shirt, which is perhaps more perfect than paper tiger (which now only comes in tiny) for Persephone.

Did i mention that i was thinking of translating all of my friends into Greek gods and monsters?

I don’t know what brought on this urge to spend money and give gifts.  I think i’m feeling a bit out of sorts, but not in a bad way – merely wishing life were a bit more random, which i can do for other people.  That is, other than my mother these are people i haven’t talked to in at least months.  I’m not very good at staying in touch, and i am, most of the time, fine with that.  I am not trying to rekindle fading relationships (there’s no point in pushing so hard against the way things happen).  Rather, i simply want to take the relationships where they are at, which is that i know my friends fairly well (though, perhaps, outdated), and i think of them, and i like being able to just send them it when i see something that makes me think of them.

Lady Brett
“Cannonball” – Clandestine

Postscript! – holy crap, Clandestine is back together (sort of)!  As background, Clandestine is my favorite band – and the only favorite anything i really have.  They dissolved in 2003, and apparently, with the blessing of Jen Hamel, are back together without her, but with a new guy.

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