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“L-O-L-A Lola”

May 1, 2007

I have been invited to four (4) weddings in June.  I want to pursue this in more detail sometime, but for now there is only this:

I recieved in the mail recently a letter addressed as, well essentially adresses as, Mr. and Mrs. Brett Ashley.  Okay, i get things addressed to Mr. Me occationally, but this one was pretty and hand addressed, and didn’t look like a mail-merge mistake.  So I opened it and it’s a wedding invitation.  Okay, but i really thought my cousin would know better.  More opening revealed that it was not to my cousin’s wedding, but to the wedding of two people whose names i didn’t recognize at all.

Well, Jake gets home and i show her the mysterious and amusing wedding invitation, which she sheds light on.  It was from a friend of hers, who i have met once, but who i only knew by his nickname, and whose fiance i haven’t met.  And, as the return address cleared up, the invitation was sent by her parents, who have probably never heard of either of us.  So presumably when they saw two names, one androgynous and one feminine, at the same address, they proclaimed us not only straight, but married.

Moreover, they decided i was the man.

Lady Brett
“Lola” – The Kinks

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