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“Red hair and black leather, my favorite color scheme”

April 30, 2007

 That’s right, i went to a roller derby bout this weekend.  We went to see our buddy “Tough Muffin” and her team.  And i’ve concluded that roller derby is pretty damn sweet.  It took me a little while to figure out what the hell was going on, but it was rockin-cool.

Very basically, each team has five girls on the track.  Four of them start off in front and one behind (the jammer).  The jammer has to make it through the pack (everyone else) as many times as possible – you get a point for every person from the other team you pass – and the other people try to stop her or help her along.

There was some really cool teamwork, my favorite move was when the jammer would catapult herself off a teammate to pick up some speed.  And there was a silly mock-fight put on by the two guest players from out of town.  The halftime show was sweet.  Don’t know who the band was, they were whatever, but there were these kids rocking out the whole time.  They were fantastic.  And there was the little red-headed seven-year-old with the popped collar, who was dancing with this little girl – spins and all.  Most of the kids there had moms, or a teacher, in the Derby.  Also there were more dykes there than i’ve ever seen at our local bar.

So, if you have a derby near you, i’d suggest you check it out.

Lady Brett
“1952 Vincent Black Lightning” – The Del McCoury Band

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