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“He’s a killer diller from the south”

April 27, 2007

The Americans aren’t going to touch the subject with a 10 foot pole; i guess that’s why the best news is from Britan.  The Economist this week, of course, headlined with the Virginia Tech story.  With a wild twist – they’re talking about gun control.  Let’s start with three important quotes on the subject:

1) From the Economist article (April 21st 2007 – “America’s tragedy”):

Since the killing of John F. Kennedy in 1963, more americans have died by American gunfire than perished on foreign battlefields in the whole of the 20th century.

2) From an online debate on the subject many years ago (i can’t remember who posted it, but i’ve got it written down at home):

Saying “guns don’t kill people, people kille people” is like saying “butter knives don’t spread butter, people spread butter.”  It’s true, but…what’s you’re point?

3) Oh, and the second amendment:

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

To rephrase the first so as to more closely relate it to the third: In the past 44 years, more americans have been killed by americans than died securing the free state for 100 years.  (100 years which, in case you do not do history, included both World Wars and the Vietnam war to say the very least.)

Let us guess how many of those who were fighting for the security of the state were using arms they owned themselves.  None?

Yes, some of those killed would have been killed without a gun involved.  But not, by any means, all of them.  It’s just not very easy – so i hear – to kill someone without a gun.

That takes us to quote two.  No shit the guns aren’t running around killing people on thier own (but there were 600-some-odd gun accident deaths in the past year).  You will note, at trial, that we do not convict the gun, but the person wielding it.  Nonetheless, had that person been wielding a fist, or a knife, instead there’s a good chance no one would have died (whatever other bad stuff did happen to them).  Because guns just make it easier to kill things.  That is what they are for.

Now for a reading of the second amendment.  Frankly, it is a bit out of date.  Yes, i know it is the Bill of Rights, and you aren’t to say such things.  But i seem to have noticed that our State is not being defended by militia these days.

There is, of course, the sub-group who says it ought to be.  That is a whole different argument, and once you win it you can come back to me and talk about gun rights.  For the sub-sub-faction which thinks we need the guns to defend ourself from our military…what the fuck are you going to do with your AK when the tanks and fighter planes roll in?

 I wish now that i could find the website full of really fucked up gun propaganda.  Such as the “Goblins who break into your home at 3am aren’t a protected species” poster, among other slightly more subtle forms of lunacy.

Lady Brett
“Killer Diller Blues” – Memphis Minnie

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