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“If it starts to sink then I’ll blame you”

April 19, 2007

Sometimes i can’t help but notice the bizzare juxtaposition of news stories.

I was thinking yesterday morning about a story from a while ago in the local paper about a kid who was killed by a train.  Not to discount the tragedy of it, but i find it odd that it was on the front page of the B section for two days, whereas the nearly daily auto accident fatalities are always tossed into 6 lines at the back of that section.

Yesterday afternoon I noticed on the “front page” of the New York Times online that there were, of course, about 8 articles and the photo about the Virginia Tech shootings.  Right to the left of these was a headline stating that it was the deadliest day in Baghdad in months after a car bomb killed 140 people (the count is up to 171 now that wednesday is complete).

I can’t help but think, again not to downplay the crazy shit that happened, that our priorities are off.  My complaint is not that we are freaked out and scared and pissed off about the Virginia Tech shootings – we should be.  But why the fuck aren’t we freaked out and scared and pissed off about the 3000 dead american soldiers!  (Or, for that matter, people who aren’t American – but i know that’s pushing our sympathies.)

Lady Brett
“I’ll Sail My Ship Alone” – Ray Price

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  1. April 28, 2007 9:33 pm

    When I pick up a paper I always think about who’s printing it and what they do and do not want their readers to be exposed to. If the paper were to write about the war everyday, publishing short pieces on the lives of all the dead soldiers talking about their partners, children, and aspirations… a ton more people would be rally against it vigilantly, not to mention the horrible depression our country would sink into from the daily trauma.

    Also, unfortunately, the death and massacre that come with war is something our country is largely desensitized to… the murder that came with college for those students’ families is not. Such is life here in America. Very sad indeed. I’m not sure if our priorities are off or if our country has just been so fully indoctrinated to accept certain things that we fail to see how the war in Iraq is such as much in our backyards as the school shooting, gang violence and domestic abuse.

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