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“And everybody knows the score”

April 9, 2007

This weekend was laid back.  I went in to work at 11 friday – i was the only one there.  I got almost a full day of rather productive work in, but it was totally laid back.  I got a free rental from the video store, and we watched Casablanca that night.  You should watch it; it might be the best movie ever.  This was the second time we’ve watched it (it was the first movie i rented when i started working at the video store), but i couldn’t remember the second half of the plot at all, which made it, perhaps, more interesting.

I felt very housewifey this weekend.  We did laundry and got some fabric to cover the papasan/expensive-dog-bed so that it will be launderable and not always dog-dirty.  That’s my next project.  Jake has a major test due tuesday, and was working on that most of the weekend while i cleaned up (which our place desperately needed).  We drank lots of tea – our prefered method of heating – since it was decidedly not Easter Weather.

There was, of course, Easter.  And things are slowly getting better with the family-in-law.  Because of location, i see her family more often than my own – her mom is always very sweet about inviting me along to family holiday things.  To be clear, things were never bad with her family, just awkward.  Her siblings couldn’t care less that she’s gay; her mom likes me (which helps a lot), but would really prefer we weren’t dating.  Her dad, well, it may never actually come up with her dad.  Which is to say that he’s been to the one-bedroom apartment we’ve shared for two years and probably saw us on the news last week – everyone else did (Apparently we were the intro shot for the story about the legislature’s anti-gay bill.) – and he doesn’t approve, but is willing to just-not-ever-mention-it as long as she is.

That said, Easter was nice.  We got up (way too early for a weekend) and drove out to meet them at early service.  We were a few minutes late and got seated on the front row, because it’s Easter, and all the other seats were filled.  It’s a Methodist church, and i grew up methodist, so i know all of the typical responses by heart (even though i’ve been to church about once a year in the past 6).  Her mother had to stay for the second service, so me and Jake and her sister were sent home with instructions to start lunch.  We did pretty well, other than burning the ham.  But it was only starting to burn when her mom got home – and in our defense none of us had made a ham before, and all she said was “put the ham in the oven”…so we did, but apparently you are supposed to dress it and cover it and things.  Anyhow, everyone else dissapeared somewhere, and i helped her mom salvage the ham and finish the potatoes and green beans and rolls.  I have concluded that helping in the kitchen is the fail-safe way for daughter-in-laws to be accepted into families.  All-in-all it was pretty good; i like her mom, she just makes me really nervous (and i think her mom feels the same way about me, if for different reasons).

We ate a preposterous amount of food, and got an Easter basket.  We still haven’t finished our Christmas candy; god knows what we’ll do with this stuff.  Also we brought Dog.  He was tied up outside most of the time (and throwing a fit) until he pulled a board out of the railing, and then he pissed on the floor when he came inside.  He pees ever single time he sees her sister’s boyfriend.  Oh well.  Anyhow, it was pretty nice, we finally extricated ourselves around 4, went home and promptly passed out, woke up and Jake worked while i cleaned up the kitchen.

Lady Brett
“Blues on a Holiday” – Susan Tedeschi

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