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“She’d dress her love in stately pride”

April 6, 2007

trumpet skirtThe skirt is done.  Just in time for it to freeze.  I like it quite a bit – even though it doesn’t hang quite as nicely as it did before.  Hemming the bottom edge stiffened it up a bit so it doesn’t hang in as close of folds, and doesn’t ruffle at the edges as much when it spins.  But overall i am pleased, and the hem might loosen up with wear and washing.

Now i want to make something else,  i just need to figure out what so i can get cheap fabric before the store shuts down.  I’m not used to this idea of sewing normal clothes; all of my sewing has been, in the past, costuming.  Which is freakin sweet, but kind of useless, especially now that i don’t live at all near a ren-fest (or on a college campus, where people aren’t all that surprised when you run around in a pirate costume).

Jake thought the skirt was cute too.  She likes it when i make stuff.  I think it impresses her some (but moreover it keeps me busy and out of her hair).

As with the garden, i wish i had a camera so that i could show off (and now i do, and will!).  It’s a good thing the garden is all in pots.  We’re gonna have to take the wimpy plants inside this weekend.  After a March that felt damn near like summer it’s April, so naturally time for a few nightime freezes.

p.s. i had a nice photo of it just hanging, but something tech-y happened to it ;) i’ll try again tomorrow.

Lady Brett
“This Room’s for Rent” – Sammi Smith

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