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“We like to roll up the rug, we like to uncork the jug”

April 4, 2007

I have a project.  I love having projects that i’m excited about, except that i then don’t want to do anything else until they are finished.

Right now i’m making a skirt.  The fabric store is going out of business, which sucks – but they are having a very good sale in the process, which is pretty sweet.  So i got a nice sort of heavy/stretchy black with shiny stripes material.  And i am making a very twirly trumpet skirt.  It will be a fantabulous dancing skirt.  I need some bias tape to finish it, so i went out in the rain last night to go get some.  But that entire side of town had no power, so i went home.

I hate getting stuck in the midst of making things.  Now i am stuck at work with very little to do, and i just want to go buy my stuff and run home and finish my skirt.

On the bright side – we are going dancing tonight!  I’ve been wanting to go ever since i found the swing dance group around here, but something comes up every time.

Lady Brett
“Ax Yo Mambo” – The Big John Miller Band

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