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“It won’t be a stylish marriage”

March 21, 2007

I just read a NY Times article about New Jersey’s civil unions. I don’t have very strong personal attachment to the idea of marriage, but as a political issue it’s a pretty big deal.

It kind of irks me to read the people bitching that even though civil unions carry all the same rights, it’s not good enough because it’s not called marriage. (aside: it’s actually not good enough because the vast majority of the rights we don’t have are federal, so all these nice state laws do jack-all.) I really do understand where they are coming from on that, and i am sorry if i seem a bit cold. But i am from the south. Where i live gay marriage is unconstitutional; where i am from it’s just illegal. And now, along with everything else this legislative session, we’re in the middle of an ugly gay rights battle here (not about marriage – as i mentioned, that has been taken care of).

So i’m sorry if i don’t understand why you are upset that your civil rights don’t have the right name. I’m still waiting for a hate crimes law. I’m still fighting to keep the rights i’ve got. I’m still keeping my eyes peeled for the next Family Council campaign. I’m still 23, and i’ll be damned if i’m getting married anyway.

Lady Brett
“Daisy Bell” – (written by) Harry Dacre (in my memory always sung by my dad)

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