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“Let bygones be bygones”

March 19, 2007

This weekend was so very up and down.

Friday night we went out for margaritas with a friend of hers from way back when.  I wasn’t feeling social, and i felt a bit in the way.  The margaritas weren’t any good either, and i swear they didn’t have any alcohol in them.

Saturday day was lovely.  We cleaned up the place a bit (it needs way more work still) and ran errands together.  We planted the rest of our garden.  It’s so lovely!  It is mostly in containers because the bed in our apartment’s yard is mostly rocks, not dirt.  We have mints (they are phenomenal), oregano, basil, thyme, lemon thyme, rosemary, chives, garlic chives, sage, cherry tomatoes, red bell peppers, yellow bell peppers, bannanna peppers, and we planted pansies in the ground around the pots to cover up the cheap buckets we planted things in.  The garden makes me happy when i look at it.  All the plants are still quite small, but they grow so fast you can see them change in just a few days.  We have some potted pansies we are going to give to friends (because the pansies only came in “landscaper” packs of 24, and our garden space is really quite small).

Saturday was St. Paddy’s day too, which is one of my favorite holidays, but we ended up not really doing anything, other than wearing my “irish goddess” t-shirt a friend sent me (which i quite like and would never have bought for myself).  We went to our local seedy bar, and were going to move on from there, but we ran into a friend of hers from college and his buddies.  It was a lot like friday night, and i just didn’t have the energy to deal with it well.  We spent way longer there than we tend to, and the smoke really got to me, which makes me into something of a bitch.  So we got home and i was all weepy, and she was tired so she just wanted me to go the hell to bed.

We talked about it a little Sunday morning while we walked to breakfast, which was a huge step forward – we never talk about anything, we usually let it blow up in some really understated way and then fade away again for a while.  Among other things, i think i’m just homesick, after a fashion.  I don’t actually miss my home, and i miss my friends, but (cold-hearted as i am) only about 3 of them.  Mostly i miss having friends.  As it stands i have my home-friends, who i talk to on the phone once in a blue moon, and we have our friends and her friends.  And while i love our friends, and most of her friends, it’s lonely sometimes.

That was the melancholy-but-good note that Sunday started on.  We watched everyone in the world love on Dog while he was tied up outside the cafe waiting for us to eat and get some work done.  He is the best dog.  I will have to dedicate a post to his best-ness.

We biked to our afternoon meeting, and i almost died.  I am not a biker.  I didn’t have to get off my bike to get up the hills, though.  She told me she was proud of me when we got home.  My inner butch bristled.  But my knees were shaking, so i just sort of collapsed on her lap instead.

The rest of sunday was lovely.  We have some people over for dinner nearly every sunday so that we have to clean up, and i get to cook.  Dinner was not ready on time.  We got all mixed up in each other and it was suddenly close to time for people to be over.  Dinner was nice, and we picked up where we left off afterwards.  Something about this springtime weather…between that and the biking, i am sore as hell today.

Lady Brett
“If You Can’t Smile and Say Yes (Please Don’t Cry and Say No)” – Nat King Cole

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