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Editors Note:

February 28, 2007

I’ve decided that this could get confusing if i am the only person with a name.  I’m perfectly fine with calling my dog Dog, but i’m beginning to think that referring to my girlfriend obliquely is too confusing.  This leaves the question of what to call her.  In keeping with the theme here (and i think that will be easier than straight up making something up) I feel that I have a few options:

  • Jake – I’m leaning toward this one – he’s really the most sympathetic character (being the narrator) even if he’s a bit of an ass, they are in love, it’s a cute name, but there’s no sexual relationship.  I don’t feel too bad about taking liberties, though.
  • Mike – the fiance, that’s rather straightforward and logical, but he is a total peice of shit, and i think the name is too masculine.  Plus i know a million Mikes already (including a few exes).
  • Lord Ashley – i think is far too presumptious, plus they’re married (ick), and estranged for terrible reasons.  So this one is pretty well out.
  • The other flings in the book are, well, just that, so i don’t think anyone else would do.

Any suggestions?  It looks like as it stands i’ll go with Jake, but i’m not sure i like it much. 

Lady Brett

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