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“Bobby socks? No!”

February 28, 2007

She was at work most of the day Saturday.  I dropped her off and ran some errands at the big box stores that i try not to make it out to often.  While i was out i decided to get myself a pair of fishnet tights and a skirt to go with.  You have to understand i’m not really that kind of girl – the only skirts i’ve worn since my mom stopped dressing me were part of my ren-fest and my pirate costumes.  It’s not exactly that i mind skirts; it’s more that i’ve been so boyish for so long i just kind of don’t wear them.

Anyhow, i had been toying with the idea of skirts and such for a while now.  I was thinking of dressing up for her for Valentines, but i had to go out of town instead.  Then, last week or two, she made a few comments about how she’d like to see my ass in fishnets.  That rekindled the idea, and i figured, “what the hell.”

I wore the stockings, skirt, a tank top and my awesome red leather trench coat when i went to pick her up from work.  And when she called me to come get her i told her i had a surprise.  She had a great day at work, so she was all bubbly when she got in the car.  I gave her the new wallet i’d gotten her; she was super excited  about that “Ha, a surprise!”, and about me bringing Dog with me, and overall really cute.  I was still wearing my coat, so i was mostly covered up, and she was excited and telling me about her day and what she wanted to do now.  About halfway home she noticed my tights and just stopped.

I’d pay money for the way she looked at me.

She just said, “Nevermind, we’re going straight home.”  Damn, it was awesome.

Lady Brett
“Thigh High Nylons” – Mustard Plug

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