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“If you’d have seen it”

February 24, 2007

Oh, last night was full of fun. Some older friends invited us to a sort of folksie music show (someone i hadn’t heard of). It was a lot of fun, and it turns out i had heard her before – one song on a mix tape of my mom’s from probably back in middle school. I may have to look into her music some more.

It was an early show, and it was over by about 9, so we decided to go see the drag king show then instead of tonight like we had planned. We were a bit early, so we got front-row seats. The usual suspects were there, so there were a fair number of people i knew. The show was freakin sweet. I’ve dedicated this post to the show’s opening act (and if you haven’t seen or heard Chicago, and especially this song, go check it out).

The show was alternately sexy and funny and cool and pretty much always good. I got danced all up on by two of the kings, but i missed the second half of the show because…one of the sexy women who were part of the show picked me (since no one in the audience volunteered) to be turned into a king.

So, i was sent backstage and handed random people’s clothes to change into. They gave me a goatee and a moustache. It was pretty funny. What that involves is essentially putting glue on your face and sprinkling chopped up hair bits on it – it’s like how you put glitter on art projects in 3rd grade – except it itches. And then they showed me off at the end. It was pretty fun, if rather embarassing.

My girlfriend thought it was especially funny, but she doesn’t think i make a convincing boy. Hmph.

Lady Brett
“Cell Block Tango” – Chicago (the musical)

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