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“Nothing I wouldn’t do”

February 22, 2007

We went out last night; it was pretty laid back, and a good time.  There were a few beers, some cute performances and cool (and cute) people.  I talked to some of the drag kings and promised we’d try to make the saturday show.  I’m excited about that – i’ve never seen a king show, and i’ve heard the group is good.

On a side note, the fella who started the group tried a couple of times to recruit my girl, but she claims to be too busy, which is pretty true.  Originally she tried to claim that i wouldn’t let her, but i failed to give her backup on that because i think it would be hot.

Speaking of hot, last night i sat down next to Her on the bench with one leg folded up under me and She wrapped her hand around my thigh, tucked between my thigh and calf.  It wasn’t dirty, wasn’t too far up my thigh; it was just like “she’s with me,” and it made me a bit weak.

And, well, the story of last week will have to wait – i was busy and out of town.

Lady Brett

“Hit me baby one more time” – I saw a wonderful rendition last night – i’ll just say this: there was ASL translation; it was sweet.

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