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“Maybe that’s the way we ought to be”

February 5, 2007

So, i’m a bit late, but happy superbowl everybody!
This is not meant to imply that i watched the superbowl (or that i know who played or who won).  Nonetheless, I have a soft spot for superbowl Sunday.  I’ve always enjoyed a good superbowl party if there’s not too much football involved.  Moreover, me and my baby hooked up at a superbowl party.  That story might show up later if i’m feeling nostalgic.  Anyhow, it was a happy superbowl.  I made a nice dinner – we were to have company, but they flaked out – and she made a few white russians, and we had a lovely, calm (well, not too calm), romantic night at home.  mmm

Lady Brett
“Way We Ought to Be” – Indigo Swing

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