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“Not what I had in mind!”

February 5, 2007

That’s right, the Equal Rights Amendment still needs to be ratified by 3 states. This is the ERA sent to the states in the ’70s we are talking about – you know, equal rights for women, blah, blah, blah. Seeing as woman-hating is getting hard to defend, even in the south, there is a new tack to be taken. It is, logically, that if we give women all of the same rights that men have women will be able to mary each other!

…just like men can marry each other…

Our logic might not hold up, but, honey, we’re in the south – we just yell Gay and things go our way.

Edit: But the argument might also go: men can marry women; if the ERA passes, women will be able to marry women too. The fatal flaw in this reading is that we don’t give a flip what those dykes do, so long as the boys don’t touch each other.

Lady Brett
“Swingin’ from the Chandelier” – The Mr. Lucky Swing Syndicate

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